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Very happy to say that my feature film project, The Prefect, is continuing momentum as it has been selected for initial development as part of the new funding scheme Biennale College – Cinema Fund as part of Venice Film Festival.  We’re one of the 15 teams from around the world, shortlisted from over  400+ applications! Marcie (the producer) and I are Venice bound at the beginning of January for the first workshop…

More details on the project and scheme coming soon…

Check out the current press at the following sites:

The Hollywood Reporter



A few recent screenings at indie film nights…

Gummy Man Rage screened at the Cinema Club short film night in New York this month which apparently went down a treat. Check out the link for a list of the films.

Myra also screened at Vibe:Shorts film night in London last week. Caroline Cooke was there to give a Q&A on the controversial material. Fortunately it was received well with lots of positive feedback.

Every Good Boy Does Fine will be screening at ASFF in York from the 8th Nov!

Great news – Every Good Boy Does Fine will be screening at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York this year. The programme is now live at: http://issuu.com/aesthetica_magazine/docs/asff2012?mode=window&pageNumber=34

Myra is also still doing the rounds! Caroline recently picked up Best Actress Award for her performance in Myra at a small horror indie festival in Belfast, Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival – check the site for the awards list.

Myra has also been officially selected at Marbella Film Festival 2012 and will be screening there next week! Peep the sunny website: http://www.marbellafilmfestival.com/awards-2012/#Shorts

Pleasantly surprised to see this in my local today… Nice bit of early press for our feature film The Prefect currently in development!

Thanks to Thomas Rowley

We’re approaching the end of iFeature’s summer development phase for our feature film, The Prefect. I’m pleased to say that the story really is taking shape into something exciting. Weeks of research, writing and hard work are finally starting to pay off! 

More information on my feature film currently in development with iFeatures2!


A couple of fine reviews came through over the past day for my provocative short film, Gummy Man Rage…. Please have a gander.



If you’ve yet to watch the film… please do so over at: Gummy Man Rage – Virgin Media Shorts. (please tweet and like the video to spread the love!)

The aim was to create a truly original comic-drama that would tackle a complex character and unusual situation. The idea came from observing inner city eccentrics around East London – people who are ignored and occasionally laughed at, but are very much wrapped up in their own worlds – ‘outsiders’ in Irwin Chusid’s sense of the word.

Taking influence from classic films like Hitchcock’s Rope, 4 Months 3 weeks and 2 days, I wanted to create a film that incorporated one long uncut take – regardless of the extensive planning and prep work. I knew this would give the film an instance realism and tension, necessary within the short 2 minute framework. I developed the film’s structure further by using this carefully planned and undisturbed take to start with, but then I unexpectedly flipped the idea on its head using several unusual edits and compositions to add to the offbeat nature of the climax.

Actor Joshua Campbell on set

There are many short films out there that avoid dialogue and feel more like music videos to me, thus, I wanted to do the opposite. I wasn’t even afraid of ambiguous voice-over at key moments. This is something I admire in Terence Malick’s work and films like Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, when strange, poetic voiceover would accompany the back of the protagonist’s head – a conflict of intimacy and distancing to share private difficult moments in the character’s life.

But what is the story really about? It’s a celebration of the outsider, it’s unafraid to look at the ‘weirdo’… it’s about over-coming demons, courage, revenge, guilt, the combination of tragedy and humour, Hackney, the environmental effects of chewing gum etc.


Continuing my interest in guerrilla filmmaking and experimenting with equipment, I decided to shoot the film using a DSLR with an old 1970s Sirius lens. I discovered that it performed extremely well in bright sun light/high contrast and gave the image a grain and colour that I couldn’t get with the typical prime lenses.

Read all that?? Now enjoy the film at: http://www.virginmediashorts.co.uk/film/2716/gummy-man-rage

and if you like it, please spread the love…

Proud to present my weird and wonderful short film Gummy Man Rage
Gummy Man Rage – Virgin Media Shorts.

Very pleased to announce that my new feature film project, The Prefect, has been selected for development as part of ifeatures2.  Producer Marcie MacLellan and I are one of the 16 teams from around the UK, selected from over 350 applications, to receive funding to develop the script over the summer period.

We’re proud to make it this far and will now manically work on the script over the next 8 weeks in the hope to make it to the next stage of funding.

Full details on the project coming soon!

More info and press release are available on the following sites:
Creative England
Screen Daily

Following on from screenings at East End Film Festival and Let’s Keep it Short film night in London, Myra picked up some kind reviews from ticketstubent.com Check it here: http://ticketstubsent.com/teaser-trailers-and-reviews/shorts/

Another chance to see short film, Myra, before the East End Film Festival, at Hackney Picturehouse’s short film night, Let’s Keep It Short. 7pm – 25th June.  Tickets £4, please book in advance.

Myra film still used in the East End Film Festival Programme! Screening coming up soon. Wed 4th July 7pm

Source: fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net via Dan on Pinterest

Check out the full listing and schedule for our screening on the new Rushes 2012 website – See ya there!

GREAT NEWS… Every Good Boy Does Fine has been officially selected in the newcomers category at Rushes Soho Shorts. Looking forward to its London premiere!


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