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Coming from a background in fine arts, Dan is a self-taught director and writer from East Manchester. He made a living selling paintings and producing sample-based music for an independent record label until his mid-twenties, while at the same time discovering film greats such as David Lean, Yasujiro Ozu, Mike Leigh and Fellini.

Dan then completed an MA in screenwriting and immediately after wrote and directed his first short film, The Mess Hall of an Online Warrior in 2010, which was an instant success at festivals.  Following on from this, he received funding from Vision&Media and the UK Film Council to write and direct his second successful short, Every Good Boy Does Fine.

Dan’s third zero-budget short film, Myra, was recently long-listed for a BAFTA 2012 and officially selected at Raindance Film Festival. It has since gone on to do well at several other festivals throughout the UK.

In just two years, Dan has had films officially selected at over a dozen major festivals including SXSW, Raindance and Rushes Soho.

Dan is now developing a new feature film, The Prefect, as part of iFeatures2.


Dan appeared on the Breakfast with Beswick show (BBC Manchester) on 30.04.10 also on the Steve Saul show on the same day to talk about the short film, The Mess Hall of an Online Warrior.

Check out Dan’s Cannes blog on Vision+Media’s website