Holiday Nightmare

A ‘fun’ short doc about my trip to Northern Ireland with my family last summer. Problems and complications ensue as we take a day trip in the car.

Grandpa Kokotajlo

Another short film for online viewing; this time it’s a personal documentary about my Ukrainian granddad’s eventful life (dealing with the nazis,  the soviet union, moving to Manchester etc etc)… told in a poetic style inspired by the Ukrainian dumy.

Mangi Pizza

A simple yet intimate look at a Calabrian family, in particular the women of the family, who dedicate their time and efforts to cooking traditional pizza.

CRAIG: Oldham Riots

A provocumentary created to stir debate and expose racism online primarily through youtube.

A personal look at the state of Oldham and its racial segregation, several years after the racist riots of 2001.
Craig, a resident of a predominately white area of Oldham, talks about the long term effects of the 2001 racist riots and the state of Oldham’s socio-economic development.


It has been rewarded several times for ‘most commented doc’ on youtube – with around 1000 comments filled with colourful language,  racism and anger.


Calabrese Sun

A short doc about my italian grandmother and her love for the beach. It was aired on channel 4 3mw and was available to watch online on the 3mw website before it closed last year.

“A wry film about a grandmother who likes to moan and spend all day at the beach” – Channel 4